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80 New Housing Units Needed By 2020


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Paula’s: a community staple in Mayville-Portland since 1959

I’m proud to call Mayville home for my family and my business.

David Johnson
    – Business Owner



  • 620
    Students K-12
  • Mayville State Enrollment
  • Population
  • Average Age
  • 1GB
    Internet Speeds
  • Weekly Airport Traffic
  • 2008
    North Dakota City of the Year
  • 205
    Local Businesses
  • 10
A & P Hydroponics Is Open For Business

Ole said to Sven, he said, “Sven, vaat is more refreshering ‘round here dan a snowball in Yuly?” Sven thought about it then said to Ole, he said, “Vy, dat vud be a fresh tomato in …

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Norsemen Archers On Target With 4-H And Adult Leagues

It’s a question of depth perception before the opening night of league bow shooting at Norsemen Archers in Portland. It could be because there’s no lighting yet behind the targets, or it could be that the …

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Welcome to Mayville-Portland, North Dakota!

Mayville and Portland, North Dakota, are two communities that share the best of rural North Dakota living. Complete with a University and countless amenities, Mayville-Portland is an excellent place to do business and a great place to call home.

For residents, we have activities for all ages. You can catch a movie at the historic theater downtown, see a play or even go to a concert. If you like sports, we have both college and high school teams to cheer for. In fact, as a college town, we have lots of things to do. Plus, it’s only a short drive to Fargo or Grand Forks, ND.

Our wellness center, golf course and community-wide walking trails leave no room for excuses. From our water park to the hockey rink, Mayville-Portland families have lots of great ways to stay active without having to leave town.

Businesses thrive here, too. Our economic development programs make it easy to locate or relocate here, our workforce displays that legendary North Dakota work ethic and our population remains loyal to their hometown businesses. It’s easy to be productive when everybody is on the same team!

A safe place to live. A safe bet for business.
Check out the many possibilities of Mayville-Portland.

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