Welcome to Mayville-Portland, North Dakota!

Mayville and Portland, North Dakota, are two communities that share the best of rural North Dakota living. Complete with a University and countless amenities, Mayville-Portland has a high quality of residential life.

Our community has things to do no matter what your age. You can rent a movie or go to a movie theatre, see a play, or go to a concert. If you like sports, we have both college and high school teams to cheer for. In fact, as a college town, we have lots of things to do. Plus, we’re only a short drive to Fargo or Grand Forks, ND. 

Our fitness center, golf course, and community-wide walking trails leave no room for excuses. From our water park to the hockey rink, Mayville-Portland has many possibilities for things to do.

When you’re shopping for a new place to live, you think about things like safety, activities for your children, personal enrichment, things to do, fitness, faith, and how to get to know people. Mayville-Portland has all these and many more possibilities!

Check out the many possibilities of Mayville-Portland. 

Enjoy both college and high school sports in our community!!
Mayville State University Sports!
     May-Port CG High/Junior High Sports!